About Me

Jennifer Levine has enjoyed a love of art most of her life with the help of her very artistic father and artist grandmother, who illustrated medical text books in the 1920s through 1950s. At St. Lawrence University, in Upstate New York, Jennifer studied Art History, Fine Arts and Economics, but set the artistic visions aside when transferring to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she continued her major in Economics and then Political Science. After 15 years working in Commercial Real Estate Investment Banking with Bank of America and Wachovia, Jennifer became a full-time mother of three children, and began to really explore her artistic interests and techniques. She works with oils, watercolor, charcoal, pen and inks and printmaking. Her style ranges from abstract interpretations of still life and landscape in very large form, to playing with geometric forms through hazy layers below and on the surface. Jennifer shows paintings primarily in Slate Interiors, or by appointment.

In 2012 Jennifer Levine Studios participated in the following fundraisers:

  • Carolina Art Soiree
  • Children’s Theatre “Encore” Auction
  • Art for Autism
  • Art with Heart
  • Mint Museum Auxiliary “Room to Bloom”
  • Christ Episcopal Preschool
  • Trinity Benefit
  • Charlotte Country Day School Auction
  • Myers Park Baptist Church – Through the Week School
  • March of Dimes

Runner-up in the 2013 Art for Heart Emerging Artist Competition (for painting “Curiosity”)